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Sveučilište na Primorskem Fakultet za turističke studije – Turistica (UP FTŠ Turistica) is a higher education institution whose main objective is to create, preserve, provide, and disseminate knowledge, experience, and information needed for quality development of tourism and tourism-related activities. Within the framework and for the purposes of its mission, it develops the tourism profession and scientific disciplines related to tourism. It spreads the knowledge about tourism and related activities in a way which ensures the formation of highly qualified personnel for quality planning, management, and provision of tourist services. In addition to the pedagogical process, it is also developing a leading research centre for the study of tourism. The Faculty’s organisational units are: The Department of Social Sciences and Humanities in Tourism, the Department of Tourist Enterprise Management and the Department of Destination Management. The Event Centre, the Centre for Functional Education, Counselling, and Publications, and the Institute for Tourism operate within the Faculty. Their research and development competencies are as follows: research and analyses in the field of operation of tourist enterprises and destinations and the tourist market with the aim of recognising new trends for planning new tourist products, as well as research and analysis in the field of marketing and management of tourist enterprises and destinations. Within research, they measure guest and employee satisfaction and business performance in tourism. In addition to education and research in the field of tourism, they are engaged in other activities such as organising scientific and professional events, publicity and publishing activities, documentation management and library activity.