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About the project


NASLOV PROJEKTA: Paths of the Istrian Malvasia

ACRONYM: Malvasia TourIstra



  • Institute for Agriculture and Tourism Poreč – lead partner
  • Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Istria – VINISTRA – partner


  • Kmetijški Inštitut Slovenije (Ljubljana) – partner
  • Univerza na Primorskem Fakulteta za turistične študije -Turistica (Portorož) – partner
  • Društvo vinogradnikov Slovenske Istre (Marezige) – partner
  • Konzorcij vin Istre, zaščita in promocija vin, g.i.z. (Izola) – partner

PROJECT MANAGER:  dr.sc. Sanja Radeka, e-mail: sanja@iptpo.hr; phone: 00385 52 408 339; mob: 099 316 3778

PROGRAM: Operational Programme of the Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013 IPA CBC

TENDER: 3rd Call for Proposals under the Operational Programme of Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013 IPA CBC

PRIORITY:  1. Economic and social development

MEASURE: 1.1. Tourism and rural development




One of the traditional and commercially most important agricultural products of Istria is wine, the most significant being the indigenous variety Istrian Malvasia. Sustainable development and solving specific agricultural and economic issues, together with the inextricably linked tourism and agrotourism, in the bordering rural areas largely depend on the production and marketing of Malvasia as one of the main typical local agricultural products.

The aim of the project is the integration of Istrian Malvasia into a joint cross-border tourist product with the aim of contributing to the initiated promotion strategies of the joint brand of Istria as a specific cross-border tourist destination. This will be achieved with the characterisation and evaluation of the Malvasia wine, defining different types and styles of the Malvasia wine: fresh – young, aged, (cryo) macerated, barriqued, traditional (“archaic”) and dessert, alongside the optimisation and standardisation of technologies for production and testing the possible effects of the Malvasia wine on human health. Istrian Malvasia will be directly included in the cross-border tourist product based on the analysis of the existing oenogastronomic offer, with emphasis on added value. The project aims to improve the recognition of Istria, strengthen the impact of tourism in less frequented parts of the border regions, promote the cross-border business cooperation at the level of strengthening cooperation between research organisations and mutual sharing of knowledge, it aims to establish a cross-border cooperation network on multiple levels (Malvasia winemakers, various associations of winemakers, providers of tourist offers, research organisations) and contribute to the establishment and uniform development of a unified area, as well as joint promotion of Istria in the EU market.  Specific analyses and studies to be conducted will benefit institutions that affect the development and politics in the region (Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health). Tourist organisations and municipalities will get a new starting point for the promotion and marketing of Istria, service providers in the tourism industry will get a developed and unique presentation, lower business costs, and better functioning of the supply chain. By creating an online database of producers of different types of Istrian Malvasia and the interactive map “Paths of the Istrian Malvasia” with 3-5 itineraries (wine roads, tourist routes), interested customers will be given the opportunity to browse through the offer using certain criteria (different styles of Malvasia – fresh, aged, (cryo) macerated, traditional (“archaic”) and dessert, with detailed sensory characteristics, aromatic and phenolic profile, and physicochemical characteristics.


The general objectives of cross-border cooperation

  • To improve the recognition of Istria through joint marketing of the traditional agricultural product – Istrian Malvasia wine, its promotion and inclusion in the tourist offer;
  • To strengthen the impact and promotion of tourism in the less frequented parts of the region, which has a direct impact on improving employment, economic growth, and a wide variety of tourist services;
  • To create support for the joint promotion of interstate regions in the EU market;
  • To improve interstate cooperation, both at the level of marketing of tourist services and products, and at the level of strengthening cooperation between research organisations and sharing of knowledge from both states;
  • To establish a network of interstate cooperation on multiple levels (winemakers, farm houses, associations, local governments, research organisations);
  • To promote good neighbourly relations and progress between the two states.

Special cross-border objectives

The aim of the project is joint identification and definition of the added value of Istrian Malvasia wine (specificity, recognisability, diversity) and its inclusion into the integral tourist product with the aim of developing a strategy of shared promotion of the unique oenogastronomic offer of both Croatian and Slovenian Istria worldwide. This will be carried out based on the characterisation and evaluation of the different types of Malvasia wine with the use of professional, technical, and scientific tools.

1. Characterisation of the joint cross-border commercial product (Istrian Malvasia wine) and optimisation and standardisation of technology:

  • Detailed physicochemical and sensory characterisation of different styles of Malvasia;
  • Defining of clear instructions for the production of different styles of Malvasia wine (standard – “young”, “mature”, “(cryo) macerated”, traditional (“archaic”) and dessert (“sweet”) Malvasia);
  • Creating a professional technical study for winemakers (cross-border harmonisation of technology), agrotourism (marketing and promotion), students, and consumers.

2. Testing the possible effects of Malvasia wine on human health:

  • Determining the antioxidant effects and other effects of phenol in Malvasia on health;
  • Determining the possible negative effects of grape and wine production in Istria by analysing residue from pesticides and heavy metals in Malvasia grapes and wine.

3. Development of a cross-border integrated tourist product – “Paths of the Istrian Malvasia”:

  • Analysis of the existing oenogastronomic offer and other forms of tourism;
  • Evaluation and inclusion of Malvasia as a typical element in an integrated tourist product with emphasis on identified added value;
  • Exchange of knowledge and the development of a unified promotion strategy, and promotion of the Malvasia brand as a joint integrated tourist product (a unique visual identity will be developed – project logo, four workshops, four seminars and four scientific conferences will be organised, one joint study will be conducted, one joint brochure in five languages, a website with a database – search by winemakers and different types of Malvasia – in five languages and an interactive map with three to five wine itineraries, etc.).