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The Consortium of Istrian Wine, Wine Protection, and Promotion, was organised as an economic interest group – NGO with the aim of protecting, evaluating, promoting, and managing the integrated interests related to wine-growing and wine-making activities in the wine-growing region of Slovene Istria. It connects winegrowers and winemakers of Istria and other entities that may contribute to the preservation of typical wine varieties in Istria, production of high quality wines and successful promotion of wine, areas, and other typical Istrian products.

The Memorandum of the Association contains goals which can be summarised into three groups of activities:

1. Protection of wine origin and name;
2. Advisory, professional and research activities;
3. Promotion of wine on the market.

Within protection of wine origin and improvement of wine quality, the Regulations on the Growing of Grapes and Wine of the Refosco variety were adopted in order to obtain the KVI designation, as well as the same Regulations for Istrian Malvasia and the Regulations on Evaluating and Determining the Quality of Refosco and Istrian Malvasia wine in order to obtain the KVI designation. Currently, the Consortium is also, to a lesser degree, active in the professional and research area and has close relationships with all relevant institutions in the area. Primorska University is a supporting member of the Consortium, which also cooperates with the Agricultural Advisory Service and other similar organisations. The expert committee provides expert assistance to the members, oversees wine production in vineyards and also organises wine evaluations. The promotional activity of the Consortium is especially significant to the members because it enables them to promote their wines on the market, which is crucial in today’s wine sector.