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The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia conducts research and provides services in different agricultural fields: plant protection, livestock farming, farming, fruit-growing and wine-growing, agricultural economics, and agricultural mechanisation. The institute is accredited according to ISO 9001. A part of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia is the Central Laboratory, an internationally accredited and authorised organisation for issuing permits for placing wine on the market in Slovenia, which has been actively cooperating with the winemakers in the area of Slovene Istria for several years. With modern and technologically advanced analytical equipment, it is the leading laboratory in the Republic of Slovenia for analysis in the field of pesticide residue, wine and spirits, soil, animal feed, and honey analysis. For the purposes of the aforementioned analyses, the Laboratory has a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard; it was accredited by the French agency COFRAC and the Slovene accreditation agency. The main activities of the Institute are the coordination of national and European projects in agriculture and transfer of knowledge to end users. The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia has its own accounting department that manages the financial sector and the liquidity of the business.