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The Institute for Agriculture and Tourism Poreč is a public research institute which operates within the Ministry of Science, Education, and Sports of the Republic of Croatia. Throughout history, the Institute has changed its name, content, and research levels. It was founded on 5 September 1874 when the Istrian Parliament made a decision on the establishment of a provincial-fruit winery station with headquarters in Poreč, which began operating in April 1875. The institute for Agriculture and Tourism has had its current name since 1989 and in 1996 it became a public research institute. The Institute’s main activity is the application of scientific research in agriculture and tourism through the implementation of scientific and technical projects in the field of winegrowing, winemaking, olive growing and olive oil production, vegetable growing, agricultural economics, and tourism. The institute carries out other activities, primarily through accredited laboratories (Wine Laboratory and Food and Biotechnology Laboratory). The Institute is the only institution in the Republic of Croatia which fosters a multidisciplinary approach to research linking agriculture and tourism, two closely linked, interdependent, and inseparable sectors.

Within the Institute there are: the Department of Agriculture and Nutrition (scientific research and professional work in the field of biotechnical sciences), the Department of Economics and Agricultural Development (agricultural family farms, spatial planning, and protection), the Department of Tourism (development, economics, and organisation of rural tourism in Istria), the Technology Development Centre (development projects, creating products and technologies, developing infrastructure for economic development), and the Experimental Farm for the purpose of scientific research and professional work. There are four laboratories within the Institute: wine, food-biotechnology, genetic and pedological, which foster scientific research and commercial work focused on providing services in the field of physicochemical and sensory analysis of different agricultural-food products, and soil and plant material analysis.

Project coordinator, the Wine Laboratory, operates within the Department for Agriculture and Nutrition of the Institute for Agriculture and Tourism. It has a long tradition and since 1985 performs physicochemical analyses of must, wine, and spirits within commercial and scientific research activity and it is of great importance for the region of Istria in terms of controlling and improving the quality of wine. Since 2006, the Wine Laboratory has had the status of an authorised laboratory for performing professional physicochemical analysis of wine and other grape products, as well as fruit wines, for the purpose of placing those products on the market. Since March 2010, the Wine Laboratory has been accredited by the Croatian Accreditation Agency (HAA) in accordance with the standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories) in the field of physicochemical analysis, and since 2012 in the field of organoleptic (sensory) analysis of wine.